ASHFORD, Surrey – St Hilda. 

This building was at the planning stage at Fellowes Prynne’s death in 1927.

The altar rails in the Lady Chapel are to Fellowes Prynne’s design, and many features of the church, both inside and out, are redolent of his style, albeit in a simpler form.

The firm who completed the work was Sydney Tatchell & Co., who kept Fellowes Prynne’s business ticking over after his death but, by their own admission, had no feeling for his style, and in the end chose not to take the business on permanently.

The first illustration here shows the architect J.S. Alder’s drawing, depicted on an unused postcard.  The resemblance to Fellowes Prynne’s work is clear.  The second picture is of an undated, but old, postcard of the church as it was built, and as well as it being a simpler exterior design, it can be seen that the tower and spire were not constructed at the time of the postcard – they never were.