BELVEDERE, Kent – new church. 


The 1903 January to June edition of Academy Architecture and Architectural Review published images of the exterior and interior for a new church at this location.  This church would have been one of Fellowes Prynne’s masterpiece buildings had it come to pass. The interior shows detail hitherto unseen anywhere else – such as niches below the corbels from which the roof ribs spring, and the suggestion of cluster pillars.  It was to have the typical stone screen, filling the full height of the chancel.  Externally the building was in all probability designed in brick, with contrasting stone.  The top of the tower in particular shows a lot of embellishment, again not seen generally – but then again the tower and spire of Fellowes Prynne’s designs were a luxury rarely afforded when it came to the crunch of the cost!

The images here are from the Academy Architecture and Architectural Review cited above.  The show the proposed new church’s exterior and interior.