BRIGHTON, East Sussex – St Peter. 

Reredos, riddel posts and panelling 1919

The reredos, located in the chapel on the South side, echoes in its form the reredos at Dartmouth, and also the War Memorial at Ashburton. The painting is by Edward Prynne. The centre panel depicts Christ in Majesty, and on either side, somewhat unusually, are St. George and St. Andrew. Perhaps this is explained by the fact that this piece is another War Memorial. Fellowes Prynne’s work after the First World War was virtually exclusively such memorials, after two of his sons were killed in that war.  The riddel posts and panelling seem to be lost.

The photographs of the reredos are by Cassie Tillett, and used with her kind permission.

The postcard illustrated shows the chapel with the reredos in situ.  It is undated