BUGTHORPE, East Yorkshire – St Andrew. 


The church’s website states that the Lady Chapel was restored in 1905, which clearly fits in with a likely time frame for Fellowes Prynne to have been involved.  Observation also suggests that the wooden and gilded high altar could be to Fellowes Prynne’s design, but it was not installed until 1927, the year he died.  Details are as yet unconfirmed.

He mentioned that he was working on this church in a letter to his son Harold, living in India, for which there is no date as the first page is missing, in the context of the possible introduction of Harold to a potential useful contact.

In any case I am sure that if you do have any chance of getting into conversation with him you may safely mention my name as being connected with the partial Restoration of Bugthorpe Church, as the very mention of this Church, in which he takes a keen personal interest will have a home-like touch which will be very welcome to him, although I have never met or known him personally…

It is not clear who the potential patron is, as unfortunately a further page of the letter is missing.