DARTMOUTH, Devon – St Saviour. 

Restoration of chapel 1921-26

Much of the work was done by the Crediton-based firm of Dart and Francis.  I was fortunate enough to be able to see what remained of their archive in the 1980s.  Sadly, all the archive has now been lost. Dart & Francis’ records show a mass of correspondence on the subject of the work at St Saviour’s. It is summarised here, for interest, for the record, and to give an idea of life before the telephone and fax machine – not to mention the internet!

18 Jun 1921 – estimate for restoration of reredos in the chapel

04 Jul  1921 –  alter and add to said reredos: new oak platform and extension to altar top

01 Mar 1924 – oak reredos estimate £197

04 Mar 1924 – chapel reredos, altar and oak platform: £251

22 Sep 1924 – estimate required for repair of north aisle wall

30 Sep 1924 – estimate sent for £1067

06 Dec 1924 – chapel to go ahead according to newer design

09 Apr 1925 – granite and marble platform now abandoned: details required in oak instead

26 Jun 1925 – reredos, altar and platform now well in hand

01 July 1925 – certificate for £251 received

12 Oct 1925 – altar £55; additional work of parquet floor and inscriptions

03 Nov 1925 – altar to go elsewhere

20 Nov 1925 – altar to go to St. Andrew’s, Surbiton

04 Feb 1926 – request for oak filling between ends of old altar and pedestal of gradine

28 Apr 1926 – work (as much as was eventually agreed) complete

The reredos is a significant piece, of great beauty, and very much recognisable as the design of Fellowes Prynne.

The photo shows the reredos.