DAWLISH, Devon – St Gregory. 

Report on restoration and rebuilding 1895; repositioning of memorial in cemetery 1924

The restoration and rebuilding was carried out in part by S. Dobell, with Fellowes Prynne as consultant.

The firm of Dart and Francis was involved in the work to relocate the memorial.  Fellowes Prynne informed them of the task on 11 September 1923.  On 28 December, Dart and Francis let him know that it had not been done yet, owing to the weather, but on 16 February 1924 they confirmed the job was done, but they added the following information:

…made an inspection of the grave and found that undoubtedly the settlement of the Memorial was due to the collapse of the Coffin…I have never before seen similar evidence of complete collapse of the Coffins in short periods as is evident in this cemetery, and we are quite at a loss to account for it.