EALING, London – St Saviour’s Infants’ School. 


The West Middlesex Gazette of 4 July 1925 reported on the plans to reconstruct St. Saviour’s Infants’ School.

The external appearance would be greatly improved, and inside provision would be made for four classrooms, each accommodating 45 children.  A playground sufficient in size to satisfy the requirements of the Board of Education would also be provided.  Mr. Fellowes Prynne had produced a wonderful plan of a very difficult site…

A piece in the Middlesex County Times of 16 October 1926, concerning a bazaar to raise funds for the new build, read thus:

October 21 is Trafalgar Day, with its underlying message that “England expects every man to do his duty.”  Has the Church no such claim upon her people?  Have church people no duty to perform in educating the children of the Church?  Will you not recognise your duty as Church people by helping us to rebuild this school?  When our architect, Mr. Fellowes Prynne, presented his plans of reconstruction to the architect of the Education Authority, he was met with this comment, “You have achieved the impossible.”

Don’t you think that he (and, incidentally, we) deserves encouragement?

Back us up, then, by coming to our bazaar.  Thereby we hope to “raise the wind.”  You can make it a hurricane.

 Finally, on 30 July 1927, just over two months after George Fellowes Prynne’s death, the following headline appeared in the West Middlesex Gazette:


Bishop of London opens St. Saviour’s new school.

In his address, the Bishop said:

“This is, I believe, the finest thing the Church has done in the Diocese for many years.”

During the dedication service, in one of the prayers, thanks was given to God for

…“Thy servants, Joseph Stephen Hilliard, priest, the founder of this school, and George Halford Fellowes Prynne, the architect of the new buildings.”