EAST BRIXTON, Lambeth, London – St Jude. 

Restoration after a fire, 1923

In his book Parish Churches of London (Batsford, 1966) Basil F. L Clarke described St Jude’s, consecrated originally in 1868, thus:

…of Kentish rag and Bath stone; cruciform, with a very low tower and spire in the angle of the transept, facing the road. The chancel was damaged by fire in 1923, and restored by G H Fellowes Prynne. The church was damaged by bombing in 1940. On 24 May 1952 the south aisle was rededicated for use as a church: the rest was brought back into use later.

The church was last used for worship in 1975, and declared redundant in 1979.  It was last seen as a furniture warehouse.

The undated vintage postcard shows the interior of the church, probably from prior to the fire and restoration.