EAST BUDLEIGH, Devon – All Saints. 

Pulpit 1894; Relief figures 1905

The Builder of 2 September 1893 reported that the new memorial pulpit had been erected, made of oak with four panels, and figures in high relief under carved canopies.

The same journal, on 1 July 1905, reported that:

East Budleigh Church, dedicated to All Saints, and of XVth century foundation, contains a pulpit which was designed by Mr. G. H. Fellowes Prynne, architect, of London, in 1894, and was placed there in that year as a memorial to the late Mr. R. H. Lipscombe, of that parish.  It was made by Messrs. Harry Hems & Sons, of Exeter, who have just completed an additional group for the pulpit, under the direction of Mr. Prynne.  It is modelled and carved in high relief, and is a representation of St. John the Baptist preaching in the Wilderness.  The same firm have also added two angels, each in an attitude of adoration.  These additions were put in place on the Vigil of the Feast of Nativity of St. John the Baptist.


The design of the pulpit echoes the lavish carving of the pew ends, as can be seen in this postcard from 1938.