EAST GRINSTEAD, West Sussex – St Mary. 

Altar & reredos 1918

The designs for the reredos were drawn up on 17 April 1918, and for the altar panels on 26 October 1918. The contractor for the reredos was R. L. Boulton & Sons of Cheltenham.

The reredos is one of Fellowes Prynne’s most lavish and magnificent. The main set of three panels depicts the Madonna and Child, with attendant angels, and on either side two saints. Below these are various representations of events in the life of Christ, with the crucifix central. Beneath each panel is a Latin text from the Bible relevant to the depiction.

The altar panel paintings are by Edward Prynne, and are signed on the reverse with his name, his monogram, and the date – 1919.



The photos, courtesy of Cassie Tillett, show the reredos and altar, and Edward Prynne’s monogram.