ELLAND, West Yorkshire – St Mary the Virgin. 

Memorial screen 1919

The Building News and Engineering Journal of 19 May 1917 detailed the intention of the parish to erect a memorial to their former rector, Canon Winter.

The scheme includes the erection of a rood-screen and two side screens in the parish church, together with a monument over the grave in the Elland Cemetery, at an estimated cost of £590; the restoration of the Thornhill Chapel (a portion of the church), the cost being estimated at £300; and the improvement of the sanctuary, at an estimated expenditure of £500; or a total cost of £1,390.  It is intended to execute the work in three parts, and in the order enumerated.  Mr. H. Fellowes Prynne [sic] has charge of the scheme and the work.

The Halifax Evening Courier of 15 January 1919 confirmed the completion and installation of the memorials.

St. Mary’s church, Elland, on Tuesday, was filled at a service for the purpose of dedicating a memorial to the late Canon Winter.  A costly memorial has been erected in the grounds of Elland Cemetery, where the Canon’s body has been laid to rest.  The memorial in St. Mary’s Church has taken the form of an oak chancel-screen, rood, and figures, the work of which has been skilfully executed by Messrs. Boulton & Sons, Cheltenham, to the design of Mr. Fellowes Prynne, London.  The memorial in the church has cost about £500, and the one at the Cemetery about £100.  It is also suggested to further continue work of improving the interior of the church as a memorial to Canon Winter by making an alteration to the chancel, and restoring the Thornhill Chapel section of the edifice.  The full estimated cost of these is upwards of £1,000.


The photograph, courtesy of Stephen Craven, via Geograph.org.uk, shows the Rood Figures on top of the screen at the entrance to the chancel.