Examples of Modern Architecture.   

The publication “Examples of Modern Architecture” series no. 9, featuring George Fellowes Prynne, was published in 1924 by Ed. J. Burrow & Co., Ltd, of Cheltenham, and 45 Kingsway, London.  The following images are basic facsimiles of each page of the publication, made available to me by the generosity of George Fellowes Prynne’s grandson. Mr J. Rundle Fellowes-Prynne.  I have regularly referred to this publication in the text of this website.

Frontispiece: Wakefield Cathedral design for War Memorial.

Page 1.  Crucifix at Kingston Parish Church, Surrey.

Page 2.  Colombo Cathedral exterior.

Page 3. Title page.

Page 4.  St Nicolas’ Church, Taplow, and St Wilfrid’s Church, Bognor – interiors.

Page 5. Foreword.

Page 6. The new Cathedral for Colombo, Ceylon – description.

Page 7. Colombo Cathedral interior.

Page 8.  Gifford House, Roehampton – description.

Page 9. Gifford House, Roehampton – the Ballroom and the Entrance Porch.

Page 10.  Holy Trinity Church, Exmouth – images and description.

Page 11.  Holy Trinity Church, Exmouth – exterior and interior images.

Page 12.  St Peter’s Church, Harrow – exterior and description.

Page 13.  St Peter’s Church, Harrow – interior and continued description.

Page 14.  All Saints’ Church, West Dulwich – description, with exterior and interior images.

Page 15.  St Mary’s Church, East Grinstead – new altar and reredos, with description.

Page 16.  St Saviour’s Church, Ealing – interior image and description.

Page 17.  St Saviour’s Church, Ealing – War Memorial image and description.

Page 18. Rood screens at Henley Parish Church and St Columba’s Church, St Columb Major, with descriptions

Page 19.  St Alban’s Church, Bournemouth – exterior and description.

Page 20.  Holy Trinity, Roehampton – Font and Baptistry, with descriptions.

Page 21.  Holy Trinity Church, Roehampton – interior and description.

Page 22.  The Rood Screen, Christ Church, Epsom, with description.

Page 23.  Umtata Cathedral, South Africa – interior and description.

Page 24.  List of advertising contractors.

Page 25.  Advertisement for R. L. Boulton & Sons, including the altar and reredos from St Mary’s Church, East Grinstead.

Page 26.  Advertisements for Tudor Art Metal & Plating, and Webster & Cannon, with illustration of the pulpit at All Saints’ Church, West Dulwich.

Page 27.  Advertisement for Chas. P. Kinnell, including list of places worked, and illustration (not credited) of the interior of St Alban’s Church, Bournemouth.

Page 28.  Advertisements for Mears and Stainbank, and Messrs. Watts & Co.

Page 29.  Advertisements for Strange & Sons, and Mason & Hodghton.

Page 30.  Advertisements for Elsdon & Son, and Fouracre & Son.

Page 31.  Advertisements for R. E. & C. Marshall Ltd, and Comyn Ching & Co. Ltd.

Page 32.  Advertisements for D. Atkin and H. C. Tanner, including places worked.

Page 33.  Advertisements for A. Robinson, including work done, and Ed. J. Burrow & Co.

Page 34 (final page).  Publications from E. J. Burrow & Son.