EPSOM, Surrey – Parish church. 

New church 1906

It appears, from a short article in the West Surrey Times of 27 October 1906, that George Fellowes Prynne was invited to design the proposed new Epsom Parish Church.  No dedication is mentioned. The article reads as follows:

An unexpected difficulty has occurred in connection with the proposal to erect a new parish church for Epsom.  It has been discovered that the Burial Grounds Act, of 1884, prohibits the erection of a new church in the churchyard apart from the existing building.

It was proposed to build a new church in the churchyard a little distance away from the existing building, at an estimated cost of about £15,000.  Plans had been drawn up by Mr. Fellowes Prynne, and approved by the General Committee, but, in view of this important provision in the Act, they have since been revised by the architect.

It is now proposed to build the new church in sections round the old building, and to carry out the enlargement in such a way as not to interfere with the services in the church.  The provision of a new tower, however, has been left out, and this will mean a reduction of nearly £5,000 in the cost.