EXMOUTH, Devon – Church Institute Men’s Club. 

Plans for improvements 1910; rebuild 1913

On 4 June 1910 the Exmouth Journal reported on an announcement made to the members of the Exmouth Church Institute Men’s Club on the proposed scheme for improving the premises.  Plans had been drawn up nearly a year earlier, but had been delayed because they did not take into account the need for upgraded heating and ventilation.  The report continued:

The Committee have, therefore acted in the wisest possible manner in rejecting those plans, and having more comprehensive ones drawn up.  Mr. G. Fellowes Prynne, the architect of Holy Trinity Church, recently made a thorough inspection of the Institute, and will prepare his plans from the knowledge he then acquired.

Two years later still, on 19 January 1912, the Western Times reported on a further meeting of parishioners at the Church Institute, Exmouth, concerning their desire to reconstruct the premises to fulfil the needs of a growing parish.  George Fellowes Prynne was there to explain his plans for a three-storey building facing Rolle Street, including re-use of any old materials that resulted from the re-build.

On 3 February 1913, according to the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, the matter was still under consideration, after Fellowes Prynne had revised his plans several times.  They reported:

While each revision has been considered to constitute an improvement in the plans, the whole of the preparatory work would now appear to have been practically wasted, in view of the latest turn of events.

In summary, the Committee were now considering the purchase of the adjoining Rolle Hotel, as well as leasing other adjoining property.

But the Western Morning News of 12 June 1914 noted that the foundation stone of the extension to the Institute was laid by Lord Clinton – but no mention made of who had drawn up the plans.