HALIFAX, West Yorkshire – St John the Baptist. 

Altar in Rokeby Chapel 1915; Restoration of Rokeby Chapel 1917

This location is referred to in an advertisement in Examples of Modern Architecture (1924) as one worked on by the firm of H. C. Tanner for Fellowes Prynne.  It is also mentioned in the obituary to the architect in the West Middlesex Gazette. This firm specialised in marble, granite and mosaic work, which would be a clue to what Fellowes Prynne’s work was at this church (now Halifax Minster).

The Rokeby Chapel has a wooden altar in the architect’s typical style, with mosaic panels, and the floor is of pale marble and encaustic tiles.  The chapel also has wooden altar rails in Fellowes Prynne’s style.

(I am certain that I am correct in attributing this work to Fellowes Prynne, but I have yet to confirm.)

Malcolm Bull’s Calderdale Companion website states that the Rokeby Chapel had a new altar dedicated in 1915, and was restored in 1917.  He was unable to suppl any further information.

Malcolm Bull’s Calderdale Companion : Churches & Chapels : R