LADOCK, Cornwall – St Ladoca. 

In his notes of 2 April 1897 (facsimiles of which can be seen on this site under the architect’s biography) Fellowes Prynne mentions this church as one he worked on.

However, research has so far yielded little information, save to discount George Fellowes Prynne in various areas of work here. It is worth noting one or two of the other names involved here, as they add up to something of a treasure trove of great artists. The church was restored in 1863 by George Edmund Street; he collaborated with his former pupil William Morris and his Company. Pevsner cites this as their earliest known collaboration. Windows are by Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and Ford Madox Brown, and at least one of the windows – the south window by the font, in memory of Mary Anne Harriet Wise, 1899 – was the work of the firm of Percy Bacon Brothers. This suggests that this window could have been designed, or at least supervised, by Percy Bacon Brothers’ long-time collaborator, George Fellowes Prynne. However, the Cornwall Records Office holds no mention of the name George Fellowes Prynne at all for this church. Despite this, there is one incontrovertible fact: the altar panels are the work of Edward Prynne, and were painted in 1897. The organ chamber is the work of Edmund Sedding, to a design dated 1906.

There is no doubt that considerably more research is warranted here, if only because of the fascinating mixture of contributors to the beautification of this little building – and I’d love to be able to establish a definite attribution to George Fellowes Prynne among all these luminaries!

The undated postcard shows the interior of the church, with the altar and its panels clearly seen.