LYDFORD, Devon – St Petrock. 

West window 1901-02

George S. Thorpe, a former Rector of Lydford, wrote in his book about the church:

The glass on the tower west window had a somewhat unfortunate experience. It was designed by G. Fellowes Prynne as a memorial window for the mother of the Rev. Morris Fuller, Rector of Lydford, to fill the east window of St. Michael’s Church, Princetown, then in Lydford parish. But in 1901, when St. Michael’s Church was enlarged by the addition of a new chancel and provided with a large new east window, the glass lights of this memorial window were far too small to be re-used, and, all the other windows being of a different shape, by a clause in the contract the glass lights being not rebuilt into the enlarged church became the property of the contractors. They were removed to the village of Lydford, and were discovered by the Rector in 1902 packed away amongst every kind of lumber in the loft of an open shed. The contractors kindly gave them to the Rector to place in this tower.