MANATON, Devon – St Winifred. 

Reredos 1896

The reredos is inscribed on the reverse:


Domine memento mei quando veneris in regnum tuum

[Ed A F Prynne painted AD 1896   Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom]

The Building News and Engineering Journal of 30 October, 1896, mentioned Manaton’s reredos in the context of an Architectural Association Soirée.  The text reads:

Another large work, also Perpendicular in treatment, was an elaborately carved reredos in untreated oak, intended for Manaton Church, Devon; this had been designed by Mr. G. H. Fellowes Prynne, and executed by Messrs. Lonnie and Co. of Kensington; the panels were filled with oil paintings illustrating incidents in the life of Our Lord, painted by Mr. E. A. Fellowes Prynne.

The first two photographs show the sanctuary and reredos.  The rest give various views of the reredos.