MILLBROOK, Cornwall – new church. 


The Western Morning News of 19 August 1891 reported on the perceived need for a new church.

Millbrook has long been in want of as new place of worship.  The old fabric, stuccoed and unlovely, is thoroughly worn out, and for five years it has been the ambition of the vicar (the Rev. J. E. G. Farmer) to replace it with an edifice worthy of the parish and the sacred purposes for which it is intended.  Several designs have been from time to time prepared, which suited admirably the ideas of the vicar and his supporters, but as there seemed no prospect of being able within a reasonable period to pay for either of the proposed buildings, the plans of the promoters have been curtailed, and the architect (Mr. Prynne) is now engaged in preparing plans of a structure which will be within the means of the parish.  The “shell” of the church will, it is estimated, cost about £3,200, and the promoters have that sum already in hand.  About £1,200 more will be required for the furniture and fittings…

The Builder of 7 February 1903 carried an illustration of the design of the exterior of the church, which had in fact first been seen in Academy Architecture (page 53) in 1893.  The article accompanying the design described what this building should have looked like, in the architect’s own words, had it been built.

The general plan consists of a nave, north and south aisles, chancel, and vestries, advantage being taken of a fall in the site towards the east to place the vestries under the chancel, a staircase in the south side leading down to them.

The nave is 73 ft. in length by 24 ft. 6 in. wide, and is divided into four bays of 18 ft. centres.  The north and south aisles are 10 ft. 6 in. wide, and are of the same length as the nave.

The chancel, which is 33 ft. in length by 23 ft. in width, is divided from the nave by a small stone traceried screen, and the chancel arch rises to nearly the whole height of the roof, the altar being raised six steps from the nave floor level.

The roof is of open timber work, the ridge being 33 ft. from the floor.

From various causes the design has never been carried out.

                                 G. H. FELLOWES PRYNNE

The illustration shows the exterior design of the proposed Millbrook church, as illustrated in The Builder of 1903.