NEWPORT, Shropshire – St Nicholas. 

Tower 1910

The edition of the Shrewsbury Chronicle dated 18 February 1910 reported on the progress of the Parish Church tower:

As we have already stated in our columns, that well-known architect, Mr. G. H. Fellowes Prynne, has been called in to advise as to the condition of the Parish Church tower.  That gentleman has sent in his report on the subject, in which he points out the defects which call for remedy, and indicates how the necessary work can be done without any undue interference with the well-known characteristics of the structure.  That report was submitted to a meeting of the provisional committee on Wednesday night, when it was decided to call a public meeting of parishioners and those ladies and gentlemen in the neighbouring parishes who have always manifested a friendly interest in Newport and its institutions, to be held in the Parish Church Room next Thursday afternoon.  The architect’s report will be submitted to that meeting, a committee will be appointed, and the necessary arrangements will be made for furthering the object in view…

This is all I know.