OKEHAMPTON, Devon – All Saints. 

Renovation of Tower 1902

The Western Times of 30 August 1901 reported on  the proposed renovation of the tower.

The Chairman then read the report of the architect (Mr. G. N. [sic] Fellowes Prynne, Westminster) in which he stated that he had made an inspection of the tower on May 16th.  The battlements were in a very cracked and loosened state, and the pinnacled were also in a most unsatisfactory condition.  By far the most serious evil was the distinct inclination the pinnacles had to fall outwards so much so that the angle stones at the base shewed signs of being crushed by the uneven pressure being brought to bear upon them.  Moreover, the roofs wanted careful external repair.

The same journal, on 2 April 1902, reported that the architect had estimated the cost of repairs as between £200 and £300, and that the contractor, Mr Henry Harris, had delivered the work for £215.  Fifteen guineas were also to be found for the architect’s fee.  Much of the money had been raised, but the vicar said he would like to see the parishioners respond “ a little more liberally”.

Additionally, the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, in its edition of 15 April 1903, reported on a church meeting, assumed to be All Saints’, including that –

The churchwardens were authorised to incur the expense of colouring the interior walls of the church.  It was stated that Mr. Fellowes Prynne, architect, had kindly offered to render gratuitous assistance in the selection of the colours.