OXTON, Merseyside – St Saviour. 

Litany desk 1921

Letters to and from the Crediton-based firm of Dart and Francis (from their now destroyed archive) tell the story of the journey of this small piece.

23 March 1921 (from Dart & Francis)

In accordance with your instructions given Mr. Francis we will consign the work to

Rev. J. B. Sawyer, M. A.,
St. Saviour’s Church

16 June 1921 – desk despatched.

18 July 1921 (from Oxton) – the desk had not arrived, they said. D & F agreed to contact the railway company, and in the meantime sent them a photo of their desk.

22 July 1921 (from D & F) – to say that the litany desk WAS delivered on 23 June

…We hope it has been stored safely, and in the dry.

There being no further correspondence, one can only assume that the desk had indeed arrived safely.