SALTASH, Cornwall – St Stephen-by-Saltash.

Tower, porch and other parts 1895

The Builder of 27 April 1895 reported that

The tower and other parts of this church have just been restored.  The work has been carried out by Mr. A. Carkeek, of Redruth, in accordance with specifications prepared by Mr. George Fellowes Prynne, architect, Plymouth and Westminster.  It was at first intended merely to renovate the tower, but the sphere of operations was extended so as to include the whole of the west end, a considerable portion of the south side, and the entrance porch.  The stonework of the whole has been carefully picked out from the rough-cast with which it had previously been coated, and is now pointed with Portland cement.  The battlements of the tower, and part of the staircase, have been taken down and rebuilt; four new pinnacles have been erected; an improved lightning conductor has been placed in position; and the whole surmounted by a central flag-staff and gilded vane.  The inside walls of the porch, which were covered with plaster, have been treated in similar fashion; and the oak roof, hidden by many coats of whitewash, has been carefully scraped and exposed to view.

Of the tower, Pevsner says in a footnote:

Mr. G. W. Copeland has pointed out to me that the base of the tower seems earlier than the rest, perhaps late 12th century, and that the pinnacles seem to be modern. Perhaps they were added by George Fellowes Prynne, who restored the tower and west end in 1895.

Observation indicates that he may also have restored flooring, the pulpit and the sanctuary roof. It is not clear what he did at the west end.

The photographs show the exterior (featuring the church tower),  the porch, and the interior looking west to the area under the tower.