SOUTH ACTON, Ealing, London – All Saints. 

Victory Chapel proposed 1919

The Acton Gazette of 20 June 1919 reported on a parish meeting to discuss the proposed war memorial.

The Parish Hall in Bollo-bridge-road, South Acton, was filled on Tuesday, when the Vicar (the Rev. H. G. Peile) presided over a parochial meeting to discuss the victory chapel which it is intended to build as the parish memorial to those who died on service from the parish, and as the thankoffering from those who have been spared during the war.

In introducing Mr. G. H. Fellowes-Prynne, [sic] the architect of the new chapel, the Vicar said no subscriptions would be asked from any unconnected with the parish.  Subscriptions had, however, already been received from some who worshipped at All Saints’ in years past.

Mr. Prynne explained the chapel to be built on the site of the present vestry at an approximate cost of £2,000, and strongly advised postponement of building operations for at least a year until prices had become more fixed.

The scheme is to throw out an apse on the east wall of the vestry and build a narthex at the west end.  The present wall separating the church from the vestry would be replaced by a double arch, so that the chapel could be seen from the church.  The future vestry would be in one of the old schoolrooms on the other side of the church.  The names of those who died on service would be commemorated on a large oak screen in the chapel itself.

After discussion, it was decided to adopt the plan in its entirety.  The chapel would contain the reserved sacrament now kept on the high altar.

Arrangements will at once be made for starting a system of collections throughout the parish, and it is hoped that many will promise weekly, monthly or quarterly gifts.

The new chapel, when completed, will be dedicated to All Souls.  A window in the chapel was promised at the end of the meeting by a South Acton parent whose son had died on service.

According to the parish website, the church was demolished in 1980, and I do not know whether the memorial chapel was built.