YORK, North Yorkshire – St Sampson.

In a letter dated 11 July 1919, George Fellowes Prynne wrote:

Dear Mr Kaye

I really hardly know how I can sufficiently apologise for the protracted delay in sending my report – but it is owing to the great pressure of work – to constant calls to various parts of the country – to my depleted staff – and perhaps above all to almost constant neuritis in my head. However at last I am sending my Report, which I sincerely hope that you will find helpful in arriving at some decision.

I shall be shortly visiting Wakefield as I am asked to undertake the design for the War Memorial in the Cathedral; and if it would be any help to you, I might arrange to call at York and go into some details of the proposed work at St. Sampson.

In spite of my delay you may be quite sure of my sincere interest in your work.

With kind regards

I am sincerely yours

Geo: H. Fellowes Prynne

What the planned work was, or whether it was carried out, I have been unable to establish. The church is now redundant.

The letter is illustrated here.  It is all in Fellowes Prynne’s own handwriting, rather than being in his secretary’s hand, as was usually the case.